Working Together

In the fast paced world of education where accountability is greater, standards are higher and funding is being reduced, working in partnership is key to sustaining success. All schools in our Trust are encouraged to lead, to learn and to innovate; we maximise the opportunities to work jointly and share best practice for mutual benefit.

Working within the family of schools has huge benefits at a time when teachers’ workloads are great, assessment systems have been overhauled, new exam specifications have been introduced and vocational qualifications have been made more challenging. As a member of the Trust there is access to outstanding resources, professional development and networking to support staff in doing their best in each of our schools. We are seeking partners who are enthusiastic and want to contribute to making our Trust outstanding. Together we will achieve.

Achievements have been measurable, effective and fast

We are a dynamic, forward thinking group of schools who recognise children have only one opportunity and are dependent on educators making the right decisions for their future success. Missed opportunities come at a cost to young people and we are committed to getting it right – first time. Success is measured in many ways but we believe that children who attend schools in the Constellation Trust should follow their ambitions, aspire to be the best they can be and learn in a happy, caring and supportive environment. Together we can realise this goal.

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